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Our Favorite Supplements

The items below are some of the most commonly recommended supplements. You can click on the link to be directed to our Fullscript online store for purchase. If you would like a personal consultation, please call us at 865-340-6346. 

This is one of our personal favorite multivitamins for adults. Nurse Debi, Nurse Kelli, and Glen all take this supplement. Be sure to take it with food or it can upset your tummy. If you have iron-deficiency, please take the one below, Phyto-Multi with Iron. 

This is a great multivitamin for people with iron-deficiency anemia. Again, please take with food to prevent tummy upset!!!

An iron supplement when you have severe iron-deficiency anemia and regular iron tablets upset your tummy. With this option, you can add it to juice or other favorite beverage. 

Our most recommended baby probiotic. 

This is a top-quality children's multivitamin. It has methylated B vitamins, good for children with MTHFR variants

It is recommended all breastfed babies receive 400iu daily of vitamin D3. This has 300iu per 5ml and important DHA for baby's brain development.

This probiotic supports the good bacteria in the ears, nose, and throat in kids. The one below is for adults. Take it once a day for 3 months.

This is an adult probiotic that really supports the ears, nose, and throat. We recommend taking it 3 months following a respiratory, ear, sinus, or throat infection.

 click on this link for an excellent prenatal nutrition pack.

Nutrition before and during pregnancy helps support your baby's health. Read more about nutrition and pregnancy complications here:

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